Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Scrum Books

After trying out scrum for a couple of sprints, we decided to make some changes and go get some guidance. The biggest change for us is 2 week sprints. 1 week simply wasn't long enough to complete a lot of our stories if anything was impeded or unexpected, and generally resulted on each developer working primarily on a single story for the duration of the sprint.

There's a couple of books that stood out as being helpful here, both from Mike Cohn, an active member of the Scrum community.

Mike Cohn's Agile Estimating and Planning
is a primer on putting together a project plan using estimating techniques such as user stories to assemble it.
Mike Cohn's User Stories Applied is my other recommendation. It talks in depth on what a quality story will look like, what questions need to be answered at what level of detail, and how to arrive at a good estimate. One of the more interesting subjects for me was the "Epic Story", which is a very large story with a very rough level of detail, that is a placeholder for a feature set that will not be implemented in the immediate future.

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