Friday, May 30, 2008

PMP books

Two books have really stood out as good resources for this exam so far. I recommend them both, but I wish I had discovered Head First PMP first. Head First PMP comes with a 200 question exam and an active forum, but both of these are available at the head first website without purchase of the book. The PMP Exam Study Guide came with a CD that included flash cards, an ebook, and a mock exam. I did not use anything from the CD except for the mock exam.

Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman's Head First PMP is my favorite PMP book. It manages to cover the basics while remaining very easy to read. It is entertaining as far as these sorts of books go, and encourages problem solving while reading in order to improve understanding of the material. However, a single, illustration filled book is insufficient to properly cover the material for the exam, so I recommend supplementing it with the second book and online resources.
Kim Heldman's PMP Exam Study Guide is the first book I read on PMP, and I actually brought it with me on my honeymoon to read on the plane. Unsurprisingly, the material in here reads like a reference manual. I got through perhaps 60 pages of it during 30 hours of flight, and it has taken two months for me to complete reading this book, partially due to a lack of urgency. While this is a good textbook style reading of the PMP material, I recommend reading this second, as it drills deeper into individual topics.

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