Friday, June 6, 2008

PMP mock exams

For posterity, here is a record of all of the practice exams that I took, and my notes following each exam. Starting a week before my exam, I decided that I would take at least one mock exam a night, in order to prepare for the real thing.

I made notes after any question that gave me trouble outside of ITTO memorization, and about any trend I saw in the questions vs. my knowledge. Two books, over a year old, cannot cover every topic that might be on the exam, so my hope is that my notes would lead me to supplemental studying materials.

On June 4, I took the Head First PMP Practice exam, which I felt was going to be the most accurate exam. Based on the results of the exam, I decided not to reschedule my June 7 exam date.

May 31: PMZilla practice exams -- N/A
  • Stopped after ~20 questions
  • Only correct answers have explanations
  • Could not understand half of the questions due to grammatical errors
  • Many questions seemed to have multiple correct answers
  • Many answers felt incorrect, but I cannot confirm due to my unsure knowledge of PMP
  • Many questions had a rote answer that was suboptimal.
  • Many questions involved picking the least incorrect of 4 answers.
  • (Score was 32% before I gave up)

May 31: 75 Question Oliver Lehmann -- 62%
  • Very Good Exam
  • Question format matches my two books
  • All answers have explanations
  • Topics to study before the next exam
    • "Management by Projects"
    • FTY and RTY
    • Must study 44 processes
    • Must study ITTO!
    • Must be able to tell a knowledge area from a process phase from a process group
June 1: 100 question exam from -- 57%
  • mediocre Practice Exam
  • contains user submitted content (saw a question from lehmann's 75 question exam)
  • No feedback: Does not tell you what questions are correct
  • Topics to study before the next exam
    • warranties
    • leadership styles
    • PERT details
    • 3 sigma/6 sigma -- memorize 1-6 standard deviation #s
    • Earned Value Method (EVM) details
June 2: 200 question exam (TutorialPoint 1) -- 65%
  • OK Practice Exam
  • Some answers are clearly wrong
  • Questions do not appear to be original (choices are numbers, but correct answer is a letter)
  • Topics to study before the next exam
    • GERT? (Graphical)
    • PERT details (oh, it's the pessimistic/optimistic predictive method)
    • TCPI? (T??? CPI)
    • Design of Experiments
June 3: 200 question exam (TutorialPoint 2) – 74%
  • OK Practice Exam
  • Better of the two
  • Questions still don't seem original
June 4: 200 question exam (Head First PMP) – 80%
  • Good Practice Exam
  • Newer exam, so most questions not stolen by other websites yet.
  • Very clear questions. None with broken english or mixed up terminology
  • Supposedly the wording is trickier on the real thing
  • Answers have explanations provided. Very helpful.
June 5: 175 Question Oliver Lehmann – 78%
  • Very Good Exam
  • Question format matches my two books
  • Answers have very brief explanations
  • Harder than Head First PMP
June 6: Kim Heldman exam from CD-ROM – 80%
  • Taken last due to exam format
  • Book is 4 years old.
  • Questions do not seem dated, compared to Head First and Oliver Lehmann
That's it! Just the real thing left.

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