Sunday, June 1, 2008

PMP online resources

To complement my favorite books, I looked at many websites filled with information on the PMP exam. Unfortunately, many of them focus on the rote memorization style of learning, and many of them are filled with errors made when copying material from each other. I gained value from the following websites, all of which contained free material.
  • Head First PMP has a companion web site for the book that includes a 200 question mock exam and forums.
  • has a 75 and 175 question mock exam, as well as study materials.
  • includes a 70 question mock exam and a bunch of tutorials.
  • tutorialspoint contains two 200 question mock exams.
  • This PowerPoint showed up when I was searching for information on leadership styles, which was not well covered by my two books.
  • Preplogic has a 15 min study guide that presents another overview of the material
  • contains Project management forums including this interesting thread containing many potentially useful links for exam preparation.
  • pm-professional is a blog with a section on PMP preparation.
  • pmhut contains an interesting article on the value of a PMP certification.

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